Consciously Align Work and Life for Positive Impact


Through coaching, experience design and strategy

I help people consciously craft their work.


Intentionally design your business, career, project, or organisation for positive impact.
For yourself, others and the world around you.


Connect and align to what is truly important for fulfilment,
wellbeing and really making a difference in life and work.



“I was not only able to bring a passionate business to life, articulate my mission and craft a powerful message, I also learned so much about myself, my values and what I really want out of life.”  


A podcast filled with motivation and inspiration for building conscious careers and businesses for more connected living.

From the Blog

Amy Watson (Pickles Mag) : A Side Project for Purpose

My guest today is Amy Watson, who is one half of the creative team behind Pickles Mag. An online video magazine exploring the future of food. After experiencing a bit of an existential crisis, Amy decided too take her skills and her talents from journalism and video...

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Work Life Balance vs. Work Life Harmony

What is Work-Life Balance?   Work-Life balance. It’s a funny term when you think about it. The definition of balance is “a situation in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions”. The image this conjures for many is the classic scales...

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